QSR/Fast Casual Employee Training Video

Learn how the only restaurant to ever win the Malcolm Baldrige Quality Service Award, Pal's Sudden Service trains its employees, coupled with tips from restaurant service and training expert TJ Schier. The video has 5 chapters full of 'stuff, not fluff' geared to train your employees more effectively - proven business tactics to move your restaurant to new heights:

Restaurant 101 - a guided orientation tour on the basics of being a successful restaurantemployee: sales, P&L 101, store tour, appearance, timeliness and others

Hospitality Basics - tips and tactics to train your employees to understand the value of a customer, common vs. outstanding phrases and the importance of their actions.

Cashier Skills - common behaviors all cashiers should know to run their register (and your line) more quickly and effectively: menu knowledge, order flow, filling drinks, food deliver, cash handling and customer 'opportunities' (handling complaints)

Effective Selling Skills - strategies and tactics to train your employees to sell more effectively while not slowing the line down. Inceludes: why we sell, types of selling, keys to success and what to sell.

Drive-Thru Dominance - Pal's puts 200 cars through a single-lane drive-thru per hour during busy periods with one mistake per 3,600 orders. Learn their secrets in this section: financial impact, speed and accuracy, order taker and systems, bagger and payment. Your drive-thru will rock!


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